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The National President of the apex socio-political youth group in Eket Senatorial District “Eket Senatorial District Youths Assembly (ESDYA)” Comrade Joseph Okon Mbong has called on the Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel and the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Donald Awunah to rise to their sworn oath of protecting lives and properties in Eket Local Government.

Mbong made this call as a result of the recent harassment, molestation, intimidation of law abiding citizens by men of the Nigerian Police Force with claims of an order from the Commissioner, on the pretext that they have overgrown hairs and tattoos on their body.

The Eket polity is plagued with fear as police from the State Police Division; Ikot Akpan Abia stormed Eket Local Government in a commando style, inflicting serious injuries on the populace they swore to protect with machetes, scissors because they have tattoos on their body.

Mbong frowned that criminal elements are not tied to those who have overgrown hairs or tattoos, neither is it an inscription on people’s faces. He said the action of the police force is capable of inciting violence in the polity, as they are infringing with impunity on the fundamental rights of the people.

He however stated that there is no constitutional provision that bars people from having tattoos or overgrown hair. “There is no part of the constitution that bars anyone from keeping his hair or having tattoos. Any police man that manhandles a fellow citizen on the basis that his look does not reflect gentility deviates from the ethics that binds the police force and therefore should be punished enshrined” – he said.

Mbong pleaded with the Governor to call the police to order and compensate those that were brutalized and hospitalized.

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