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Another Journalist, Jerry Edoho, Deputy Editor, Ibom Nation Newspaper Arrested

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Still on the quest for the release of Nsibiet John, publisher of the Ink Newspaper who was arrested by men of the Nigerian Police Force, under the instruction of the Deputy Governor, Mr. Moses Ekpo, another journalist, Jerry Edoho, Deputy Editor, Ibom Nation Newspaper has been whisked away by men of the Nigerian Police Force.

According to men of the Nigerian Police Force, who claim to come from the state headquarters, they said there was a petition against Jerry Edoho by Dana Air that has to be verified to ascertain the veracity of the claim.

Perusing through the petition, Dana Air alleged that on the 11th of December, 2015,  Jerry Edoho posted on his timeline about a plane crash that never happened, stating that the post embittered their customers and affected their targeted revenue.

In response, Jerry Edoho refutted the allegation, saying that the story originated from one Affiong Nyoung, and he was tagged on his timeline. Trying to unravel the truthful nature about the purported crash, he took to his facebook page and asked people to verify if the story was true.

Immediately after his post, Dana air posted a rebuttal, claiming that the general public should discard the story as it was false. Jerry in a rejoinder five minutes after, copied  Dana Air’s rebuttal  on his timeline.

One will wonder, why Dana air on knowing fully well that the news of the purported crash went viral before Jerry’s copied post, will want to infringe on the fundamental  human right of a man who understands the ethics of the journalism profession.

The internet is a place where many false story emanate from, using social media medium for facts verification isn’t a crime punishable by law or against the ethics of the pen profession.

If Dana Air needs a scapegoat, they should send their arsenals to proof the originator of the false crash story and set free Jerry Edoho.

Lets say no to this act of tyranny against the media profession.



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