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Nsibiet John’s Arrest; A Disguised war With the Pen Pushers



Edet Edet – Eket.
I can remember vividly in 2014 when Thomas Thomas of the Global Concord Newspaper was arrested, brutalized and incarcerated in the police custody for discharging his fundamental human right of exposing the covert plan to eliminate prominent men who said no to imposition of candidate on Akwa Ibom people by Godswill Obot Akpabio “the then governor”. Just few days into the New Year; when the dust of the yuletide celebration is yet to settle, the arrest of Nsibiet John, publisher of the Ink Newspaper filters the air in surprise, questioning the veracity of the professed democratic system of government that is practiced in our country “Nigeria”.
This replicated scenario by the Dakkada administration is an attempt to overawe the media profession, with intent to silence its roaring dynamism in the face of anomalies, which tends to lead the state on the brink of precipice.
The media is the watchdog of the government. Its aim is to serve as an intermediary between the government and the people, helps determine which issues should be discussed, and keeps people actively involved in societal politics. Molesting men of the fourth realm with temporary powers vested in momentary office is a disguised declaration of war that should not be treated with kid gloves.

Nsibiet John as far as the democratic system of government in which we are practicing is concern, has the right to freedom of speech, if any finds his freedom of speech go against the tenets of true journalism or contravenes his; there are ways to go about it and not treating him like a common criminal.
Our society will never be democratic when the supposed custodian of democratic values, leverage the Medias reportage to be in their favour. Our society will never be rid of corruptible politicians when the watchdogs are maimed, molested, remanded in custody and threatened to weaken the Cause of justice at the well being of the powers that be, and to the detriment of the society.
Governor Emmanuel asserted that he is a professional in politics. As a professional, he should be aware that allowing people in his government to act unprofessionally smacks the integrity of his administration on the face, and ridicules its professionalism. There are so many things that should not be replicated in his administration, and the arrest of Nsibiet John is one of those things.
Let us be true to ourselves even at hazard of incurring other peoples ridicule than to be false and incur our own abhorrence.


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