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The Youths are Pregnant to Deliver Gov. Udom Again come 2019 – PDP Youth Leader, AKS



By: Jerry EDOHO
In a show of solidarity to the present government of Akwa Ibom state led by a professional in politics, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, the youths yesterday marched out en-mass on the streets of Uyo (state capital) to appreciate the Governor and his administration for inculcating the youths into active participation in governmental affairs, and also setting the pace for industrialization to thrive despite the economic situation of the country and state at large.
The event which was staged in front of the government house elicited the feelings that the youths support based in the state for the Governor and his administration is unshaken. 
Speaking at the event, the Special assistant to the Governor on youth matters, Mr. Iwaudofa thanked the Governor for his financial expertise and proactive measures taken to keep Akwa Ibom growing in strength every day. He assured the Governor that the youths of the state are happy with him in his style of leadership and developmental procreativity, applauding him for the seeds he is sowing for posterity. “We came to tell you thank you, despite scarce of funds, Akwa Ibom youths are still glowing firmly and hearty; We are here gathered today to send signal ps to tell them (opposition) that we will not allow any oppression of Akwa Ibom youths” he said. However, he urged the Federal Government to release the 13% allocation owed the state so it could be used for development.
In the same spirit of appreciation, the amiable and indefatigable state PDP youth leader, Hon.  Enobong Harry expressed gratitude to the Governor for assuaging the burden of Akwa Ibom youths whose hope was wavering when the country went into recession. He marvelled on how His Excellency is pulling his strings to get Akwa Ibom industrialized when other states could barely pay salaries. “We have seen your great jobs and strides in assuaging the burden of Akwa Ibom youths, We are all pregnant to deliver you come 2019. I admonish for an honest tour by any who doubt your achievements, so his perception and views could change about your character and driven priorities” he added.
The SSA to the Governor on youth groups mobilization, Isangntim. Kenneth Okon said that the Governor’s resourcefulness and creations are the reasons Akwa Ibom is in harmony. While applauding the Governor for his benevolence and undeterred quest to make Akwa Ibom a better place, he urged for the need of saving His Excellency to complete his jobs for 8years (2015-2023) as it is the tradition of governance in the state.
Also speaking at the event, the State PDP chairman, Obong Paul Ekpo said he was happy that the soul and spirit of the party was still intact, promising the youths and the Governor that PDP in Akwa Ibom will never compromise standards come 2019 as Udom is the proven standard.
Being overwhelmed with surprise, the indefatigable Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel expressed shock and happiness for the challenge thrown on him by the youths of his state. He saw the rally to be a challenge that has re-awoken his consciousness on the need to work round the clock, in other to ensure Akwa Ibom becomes a haven for youths to excel. “The youths have challenged me over a 100+plus. You have given me all yours and I must say that I will work tirelessly to ensure our youths will be better off despite the economy. Let it be known to all Akwa Ibom youth that Akwa Ibom will be industrialized despite the crumbling economy situation. I assure you that in two days from now, the manufacturing equipments for Argo allied products will be in this state. I don’t want to talk about other industries that are under construction until it is visibly manifested” – he said.  He also reassured the youths that he is working to deliver all he had promised during his campaign.
The jubilant youths gradually echoed UDOM FOR 8 YEARS until they dispersed. 

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