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Reconstitution of New Exco Council; A memo to Governor Udom Emmanuel



His Excellency,

I join millions of Akwaibomites “who on April 11th 2015 overwhelmingly voted you into office as their Governor” to salute you on your developmental strides that cut across every sphere of the economy towards the fulfilment of your electioneering promises one year six Months in office.

I wish to also use this opportunity to appreciate you once again for proving critics known for their incessant attack on your personae, calling you a stooge of the erstwhile Governor and senate minority leader, Godswill Akpabio wrong, by the dissolution of the Executive council that was believed to be constituted by your predecessor in disguise with little input of yours as Governor.

Be that as it may, I will be very concise in this memo, believing it will contribute immensely as you are set to reconstitute a new workforce to bolster and actualize your laid down targets of development for Akwa Ibom before 2019 elections.

Permit me to intimate His Excellency that when you first nominated people for Executive council offices , the choices you made (maybe out of initial loyalty to your predecessor, for bringing you to the fore of Akwa Ibom politics) brought so much ridicule to your office as a Governor. Many who never loved your predecessor, seeing you as a product of their enemy went ahead to cast serious aspersion on your capabilities of controlling the government. So many even went ahead to say that the remote control of your administration is in Ukana (Godswill Akpabio’s home town).

Apart from men that were tied to your Government by Godswill Akpabio then, you went ahead to bring men who lacked the requisite grassroots affiliation into your kitchen, giving them so much power and affluence over those capable of affecting lives and effecting pivotal changes in decayed areas.

I will gladly inform you that as an observer in politics, I have come to the conclusion that there exist two sets of politicians in the world; those who take politics as a career and those who see politics as a hobby. The career politicians are selfless people who feel the pulses of his people. They are the set of men who act in defiance to the conventional periodic appearances in political scene; they are not officious, self-centered and are always very serious in the affairs that will give them an edge over their contemporaries or opposition. Those who take politics as a hobby indulges in acts that are detrimental to their appearances and continuous participation in politics, they are selfish, unpatriotic, and partisan in the discharge of their duties. From my political analysis, you belong to the career politician class, but am sorry to say without any fear of seclusion that you surround yourself with the hobby class of politicians and they are misinforming the public through their actions, making them misconstrue every positive steps you take.

Although you see these set of politicians to be very vocal and interesting, majority of those who voted you into office feel secluded from governmental affairs because your cronies have refused to allow the revolving dividend of your good leadership reach the doorsteps of the less privileged, due to their constringed and perverted style of life even to the physically challenged.

Suffice to say that you are performing positively and proving critics wrong, I wish to implore about now that you compiling names of nominees to make up your executive council, that you should look beyond the big names, beyond those you think are professionals who are away from the shores of this state. look beyond names that will make critics still believe that Godswill Akpabio is at the helm of affairs.
You know that there are men you will appoint and even the gods of the land will be pleased; there are unofficial officials with the political prowess around you whose quota if allowed to be contributed on the table of challenges will write your governments name in the archives of proactive politicians; men who would not just wait for the Governor to lead people to greatness, but they did because of their patriotic and undeterred quest for your government to succeed.
I am not in any where doubting your ability of choice but I want you to note that it is convincing, that for electioneering promises and projections to be brought to fruition, the distinction of those called to service will be a deciding factor. To put it simply and sparkly, any administration that doesn’t get the choosing process right, will never fulfill the potential of that administration. Methinks that a robust Exco selection process does three things; provides a framework for identifying and developing priorities – at all levels and of all kinds. Evaluates the masses pangs, feel their pulses in-depth with a proactive mitigation strategy and fills the leadership gap, bridging the administration with the masses.
The choices you’ll make this time around should give back to Akwa Ibom people dividends of the divine mandate even in your absentia, which will in turn be the reason to repose on you again come 2019 the Divine mandate.
Thank you and God bless.

Edet Edet
Writes from ONNA

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