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Akwa Ibom Works Commissioner Orders the Beating of an Akwa Ibom son



iReporters Nigeria News.

In an antagonistic show-off of an undemocratic attitude, Akwa Ibom works commissioner, Mr. Ephraim Inyang Eyen, known over times for his erratic bullying and uncultured antecedent, yesterday at the Ibom international airport, created a tensed ambience with his usual abuse of governmental powers to outshine an electorate, whose vote keeps him and his master, Mr. Udom Emmanuel in the political office they occupy.
iReporters gathered that about 3-4pm yesterday, Mr. Ephraim Inyang Eyen and his convoy were en-route to the Ibom international airport, a young man (whose name could not be gotten as at the time of filing this report) in a haste to meet up the family flights time, overtook the Commissioner’s convoy without recourse, reaching the airport before the commissioners arrival.
On the arrival of the works commissioner at the airport, he ordered the airport authority to fetch out the driver of the vehicle who overtook him, the authority used their public address system to announce the plate number of the vehicle, and when the boy who drove the vehicle eventually showed up, he was mercilessly beaten up by the security guards of the commissioner under his watch, also threatening to beat up the boys parent when they demanded to know why their son was manhandled.
The scene according to passengers and airport authority triggered mix reaction to the reasons why the boy was beaten up by Ephraim Inyang and his security guards. To many, even if the boy had done something wrong, does the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria permits extra-judicial maltreatment or victimization of any kind? If no, then Ephraim Inyang should be punished within the ambit of the law for abuse of powers, barbaric enactment and compensation be paid to the boy in other to redress that scenario.

The essence of governance is rendering patriotic services to engender growth in the lives of the people whom through their votes secured the incumbent administration’s mandate, of which Ephraim serves as commissioner of works and not victimizing them. This reprehensible hounding actions usually displayed by the works commissioner under the pretext of being the Governors ally and kitchen cabinet member is gradually isolating people from the good will of the Udom’s administration and Governor Udom should note that, if he doesn’t caution or deal with Ephraim Inyang’s excesses, he will see himself alone in a no distant time from now.

As at the time of filing this report, every attempt to reach the commissioner of works proved abortive as he neither picked his calls nor replied to text messages

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