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What Could APC Be Remembered For?

Jerry Edoho – Eket

Without hassle on research, Nigerians could vividly remember that during the administration of Goodluck Jonathan as Nigeria’s president under the platform of the PDP; fuel was sold at #98.00 a litre while Kerosene was #120, Garri was five cups for #100 as against four cups #200 under Buhari. Youths and women empowerment was visible and the Niger Delta Region was practically calm.
Naturally, worthy leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela are imbedded with impeccable characteristics, they vigorously consider the wellbeing of their country and follower’s paramount, just as a caring husband would always be remembered by his wife and kids when out of home. The basis of care and affection laid by a caring husband remains consistent till the preordained visitor (dead) pays a visit. Lecturers and teachers in schools demonstrate fatherly characteristics and impact upon the students either convivially or sternly and the students often cramped their nerves each time such lecturer misses class. Though, leadership differs based on individual perception and style regarding ones contextual and religious affinity.

Analytically, the above expositions can clearly elucidate how aggravated the president is impaired in fulfilling his campaign promises to Nigerians. Just few days ago, Over 3000 workers is said to have lost their jobs as shipping companies shut down operations in Nigeria over Buhari’s unfavorable economic policies. Both shipping and aviation industries are under imminent collapse, our economy cruelly endangered, a dollar now traded for #415 with a pessimistic future for our next generation.
Nonetheless, as a citizen of Nigeria and a social crusader, I am constitutionally vested with the power and obligation to raise an alarm against ill governance as exhibited by the APC led government. ‘Though truth is a very rare and a dangerous commodity in the context of politics and leadership, but suffice me to say that the entire promises made by the APC carcinogenic team during their campaign rallies were all lies I can be described as “mad rasher”.

Obviously, policies could be suspended or changed when expected result seems not encouraging, but the change promised by the APC has become so startling indicating total collapse. Within the first three months of Buhari as president, Nigerians did experience the most difficult and scary economy. Petroleum pump incrementally rose to #250 a litre, a bag of rice now sold for #22,000 as against #10,000 naira during President Good-luck Jonathan’s tenure. With Buhari’s reckless ban on rice, sugar, and other commodities without amply titivating the local sector to improve produce, I foresee Nigeria tilting towards total annihilation if adequate revamping steps are not urgently taken.
When would Nigerians stand bold to demand to know the truth about the recovered looted funds? Has Buhari wiped out Boko-Haram as promised? When would the acclaimed Chibok girls be released to their parents as promised by the APC? Barbarous Incessant killings of innocent citizens by Fulani Herdsmen and threatening strikes by various institutions has become a recurring decimal yet, no solution envisaged; bias war on corruption is now the National anthem of the APC.

The apparent peace which cloaked the Niger Delta region during the PDP led federal government is now a web of revolutionaries led by the Niger Delta Avengers disrupting oil facilities and productions in the region thereby causing hazardous economic havoc as each day evolves due to President Buhari’s insensible economic policies.

As I delve deep into the archives of leadership as expediently verified in the life and times of the foremost President of America- Abraham Lincoln and the martyr of democracy-Nelson Mandela, I begin to bleed profusely for my beloved country (Nigeria) where budget padding is now eating deep into the fabric of the legislature; causing rumbling and infighting in the hallowed chambers, I begin to ponder on how a country astonishingly rich in natural resources should be steered by a man infused with extreme leadership rarity.
As Nigerians cry and bleed praying God to assuage the downtrodden and the devastated homeless citizens whom today are engulfed in abject penury as a result of APC failed policies, I make bold to submit that the present federal government led by Muhammadu Buhari of the APC should willingly relinquish power to a more proactive leader or consent to regional government where each zones could control its resources else, I will be compelled to petition the Nigerian legislators to set the pace for the impeachment of PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI on their resumption from recess.


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