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The Udom’s administration during the electioneering route made series of promises that is concluded by critics to be a fleece fiction that aided in luring the electorates into redeeming their mandate to him, judging from his performance one year four Months into the administration. It has become an opinion for discuss on streets, etc., that the industrialization mantra originated by the incumbent has translated into series of groundbreakings with no substantial stance of government in bringing the projects to fruition; terming Mr. Right “Mr. Udom Emmanuel” as earlier named to be a man unstable in his ways.

I wish I can dominate the minds of the misinformed regarding the Udom’s promises and the present state of affairs in this administration, which to me is beyond groundbreakings and fictions. I wish the electorates will look beyond sentiments to ascertain the veracity of the groundbreakings and the envisioned gains that will accrue from proceeds of those groundbreakings in years to come.
I am not here to praise Governor Emmanuel, but I am here to bring to public notice, that before the inception of Emmanuel’s gubernatorial ambition, the thoughts for an industrialized Akwa Ibom was conceived. Governor Emmanuel after deep thoughts and palpable convictions realized that he had to differ in style of governance from his predecessor. Yes, Akpabio who is now crucified by those who still wanted him dead when in office changed the facet of Akwa Ibom state with a vast professional approach in resuscitating decayed structures and procreating modern infrastructural balance to suit the time. Although there were allegations of inflation and embezzlement of funds in his administration, of which we know that even in this era of acclaimed zero tolerance to corruption, corruption still thrives with impunity, Akpabio did what Napoleon could not do; turning the State into a reference state.

Despite several challenges that distracted Governor Emmanuel in his first one year in office, he was able to think out of the box by creating adequate means of bringing his industrialization promises during the campaign to execution. Sighting the trending decline in the state allocation due to the drop in the price of crude oil, Emmanuel understands that the allocation accrued to the State Monthly will not deliver this promises, he opens the shore of the states for Public Private Partnership (PPP) of projects diversification. Everyone who has knowledge of how PPP works, will come to terms that the delay in startup should not be attributed to government directly, as it requires stages and processes for project commencement.

Many don’t like Governor Emmanuel because of the vehicle he entered into the Hilltop Mansion. Many still see him to be answerable to the vehicle that drove him into the government house in administrative matters, which to me lacks substance as loyalty should not be misconstrued for weakness. But should not liking this man reason enough to cast aspersion on everything he does and willing to do for the betterment of Akwa Ibom people?

The industrialization pursuit of this administration is as sure as death. The driver of this industrialization van does not compromise in his quest to make Akwa Ibom a job search destination park; where jobs will be available to even non-indigenes. This move by the present administration is beyond deceit and cowardice. Methinks that four years will put smiles on the face of Akwa Ibom people on completion of the first phase of the industrialization plan.

Let’s leave this hate campaign and join hands to make Akwa Ibom a better place. Let’s see ourselves as the custodians of the heritage of Akwa Ibom. It is our responsibility to follow government step-by-step, and criticize when it deviates from the path to success, not criticizing just to paint a picture that will poison the relationship existing between the government and the electorates.


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